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6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Apple Watch Charger On iPhone

With a little imagination, the Apple Watch charger may be more than simply a basic accessory for charging your cherished wearable device.

There are many uses for your Apple Watch charger if you have both an Apple Watch and an iPhone in addition to charging your watch.

This post will go through five fun and useful things you can do using your iPhone’s Apple Watch charger.

Apple Watch Charger

1. Use Apple Watch Charger as an Extra iPhone Charger

Its ability to charge your iPhone is one of the most obvious yet underused features of the Apple Watch charger. In addition to charging your Apple Watch, the charger’s magnetic pad can also be used to charge your iPhone by plugging it into the Lightning port. When you need to charge numerous devices at once or have forgotten your standard iPhone charger, it’s a great backup alternative.

The embedded video below is the way you can charge your Iphone with Apple Watch charger.

2. Turn Your Apple Watch Charger into a Portable Power Bank

You can turn your Apple Watch charger into a carry-on power bank for your iPhone, did you know that. You may establish a temporary power bank by connecting the charger to your Apple Watch and connecting your iPhone to the other end. It might not have the same capacity as a specialized power bank, but in a pinch, it can keep your iPhone charged while you’re out and about.

Portable Wireless Apple Watch Battery Bank & Charger Video On Youtube Is The Embedded Video Below;

3. Transform Your Apple Watch Charger into a Nightstand Clock

If you happen to have an extra Apple Watch charger hanging around, you can quickly turn it into a chic iPhone nightstand clock. Simply lean your iPhone against the charger so that it is vertical, and it will transform into a handy bedside device that can be used to view the time, check notifications, and set alarms without the need for a separate stand.

Watch Simple Guide On How To Transform Apple Watch Charger To Nigthstand Clock Below;

4. Utilize Apple Watch Charger as a Cable Organizer

Are your office or desk cluttered with tangled cables? You can save the day by using your Apple Watch charger! The charger’s round shape makes it the perfect choice for a wire organizer. Your charging cords will be kept neatly arranged and tangle-free if you wrap the extra cable around the charger’s body.

Charge Your Apple Watch Using Your iPhone

You can use the battery of your iPhone to charge your Apple Watch thanks to this little-known method. A lightning to USB-C adapter and an Apple Watch charging cable are all that are required.

Your iPhone should be connected to the adapter’s lightning end, and the Apple Watch charging cable should be connected to the USB-C port. In case of an emergency or if you’ve forgotten your specific Apple Watch charger, your iPhone may recharge your Apple Watch if it has enough juice.

6. Maximize Battery Life with the Apple Watch Charger

You understand the importance of battery life if you own an Apple Watch. Use the Apple Watch charger to recharge your watch whenever you have a brief pause to extend the life of your Apple Watch. Connect your Apple Watch to the charger, for instance, and get a quick top-up while you’re eating or taking a coffee break. These quick charging sessions might seem inconsequential, but they can help make sure your watch lasts all day.

Control Your Apple Watch and iPhone Simultaneously

You can manage both your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously if you have a nearby Apple Watch charger. Place your Apple Watch next to your iPhone and connect the charger. On your iPhone, you may now respond to notifications, operate apps, or manage music playback without having to actually pick up the device. It provides a practical, hands-free way to control two devices at once.

Customize Your Apple Watch Charger

Get inventive and give your Apple Watch charger some individuality. You may give your charger a distinctive and personalized design by covering it with one of the many decals, stickers, or skins that are readily available on the market. There is something for everyone to make their charger stand out, from slick and simple designs to vivid and wacky patterns.

Get Creative with DIY Apple Watch Charger Accessories

Your Apple Watch charger might serve as an interesting blank canvas for your imagination if you enjoy doing crafts at home. Using common home things like cardboard, Lego bricks, or wooden blocks, you can create a unique charging stand. Create a one-of-a-kind charging experience for your Apple Watch by letting your imagination soar.


You might not have noticed how many different uses the Apple Watch charger has. The possibilities are unlimited, from using it as an additional iPhone charger to changing it into a nightstand clock, a cable organizer, or even personalizing it to match your style.

The following time you consider your Apple Watch charger to be nothing more than a charging wire, keep in mind these creative ideas to get the most out of this useful gadget.


  1. Can Apple Watch charger be used for iPhone?

    Yes, you can use an Apple Watch charger to charge your iPhone, although it might not charge your phone as quickly as a regular iPhone charger.

  2. What can I charge with my Apple Watch charger?

    All iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models, all Apple Watch versions, Apple MagSafe accessories, and Qi-certified gadgets and accessories are compatible with your MagSafe Duo Charger.

  3. Can I use Apple Watch charger for Airpods?

  4. Can Apple Watch charger charge iPhone 8?

  5. Can I use wireless charging for my Apple Watch with the charger?

    No, the Apple Watch charger uses a magnetic pad to connect to the back of the Apple Watch and is not compatible with wireless charging technology

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